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Energy Efficiency

Certified Energy Manager

The Association of Energy Engineers issues a CEM accreditation which is your guarantee that the recipient is suitably qualified and capable of assessing your energy needs, efficiency and usage.

This could involve the analysis of NMI data (half hourly electricity consumption data) or the supply and retrieval of energy logging recorders or may even involve the design and installation of a fixed energy monitoring system with up to eight nodes and connected to a sites ethernet so that data may be regularly downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

The above graph illustrates a useful way of looking at a full year of half hourly energy consumption data.

There are 2016 points representing the year. The lower axis has the form mm.d.hh where mm is the month, d is the day of the week (0 is Monday and 6 is Sunday) and hh represents the hour of the day from midnight (00) to 11pm (23). This format allows daytime vs nightime power to be easily compared as well as weekday vs weekend along with seasonal or monthly variations in power used.


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